Think of this as your essential Pilates class. Learn the basics of breath, what it’s like to connect the mind and body through movement and to have a spine that is both supple and strong.

All levels are welcome.

expect: to move from your core and have several ‘lightbulb’ moments

A whole-body vinyasa flow class incorporating unique sequences to connect the mind, body and breath. Suitable for any level of practitioner, you’ll always be offered lots of options for transitions and postures.This class is that special ingredient you’ll want to add to your current movement practice, whatever it may be.

expect: to leave feeling refreshed

Get ready to squat, jump, dance, out of your head and into the pulsing strength of your body. We dial-up the intensity in this class to get sweaty, to get strong and then we meet that raw energy with moments of softness and surrender. Here the catharsis of a spin class meets the subtlety of meditation.

expect: squats and lunges plus weight-bearing on hands; all spice in this class

Root to rise with this lower body-focusedclass. From toe tip to hip we will connect it all, from glutes and quads to calves and toes. First we mobilize and then we strengthen to build responsive and resilient legs giving you the confidence to balance, to be bold, to stand in your power.

expect: to leave standing a little taller, feeling a little bolder

The class you never knew you needed but now you won’t be able to live without. Meant to complement your current movement practice. Whether you run, CrossFit, hike, ski, bike or play pickleball this class is ideal for your active recovery day. Class finishes with a short meditation.

expect: to feel rejuvenated through movement

This class is 90% yin with a side of intentional movement designed to help you enjoy the transition from one yin pose to the next. The poses use props to support you as you settle into stillness for a few minutes at a time. You’ll then be offered a few moments of mindful movement to reconnect mind, body and breath.

expect: a candle-lit class that acts as a tonic to a busy day, come and unwind with us

Turn up the heat with this sweaty power flow. The class starts with ankle weights to add resistance and bring strength and attention to the work of the lower body and then the weights come off easing into a gentle yin-style practice.

expect: to have your legs feel like feathers

Clear the week's energy
with a 75min class of deep, slow flow yoga.
Class includes meditation as well as intention setting for the week ahead.

expect: to end the week in peace and get clear on your purpose for the week ahead

Filled with accessible variations and empowering poses this class is an opportunity to recognize and affirm that all bodies can do yoga. Moving through slower sequences and using all props you can think of (including chairs) allows this class to be as accessible and supportive as it is creative.

expect: a deep connection to the body and the awesomeness of yoga


The Swiss Army knife of exercise equipment, the Pilates reformer can pretty much do it all (and we will 🙂 The versatility of reformers makes this class ideal for total-body strength and conditioning no matter your level.

expect: a new level of mindy-body connection increasing your balance, strength and coordination